Illustration of "Brianna's Book Stop" by Jeffrey Duckworth / Book Cover for WHERE DO DIGGERS SLEEP AT NIGHT? (on the bookmobile) by Christian Slade

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Good News Day Tuesday: Pictures from Last Week's Launch

Last week's launch party for WHERE DO STEAM TRAINS SLEEP AT NIGHT? was so very, very fun! Thanks so very much to Mockingbird Books for hosting this wonderful event! And thank you so very much to who attended and to all who sent their virtual good wishes!

Here are a few fun pics from the party:

And we had a green screen at the party! So everyone got to take their picture with their favorite train:

And I had the wonderful privilege of being interviewed by the Little Engineer from the amazing Play Trains website. (If you have little ones who like trains, you should definitely check this website out. It is sooooo cool!) And I am so looking forward to hearing my interview when it is all ready! Here is a picture of me being interviewed by the amazing Little Engineer (who asked me 6 great questions!):

Thanks so much for letting me toot my own good news! Do you have good news to share? Please toot-toot it with a comment below! :) 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Good News Day Tuesday: A Book Birthday and Two Launch Parties!

Sorry it has been so long since I have posted on here! Excited to get back to blogging!

And so excited that today's "Good News Day Tuesday" is a very special one for me! Today is the book birthday for my third picture book, WHERE DO STEAM TRAINS SLEEP AT NIGHT?

Picture books take along time to come into the world (much longer than babies :) )! So I am so very excited that you can all finally see Christian Slade's amazing illustrations of train moms and train dads getting their little boy and girl trains ready for bed!

In honor of my launch day, I would love to invite you all to two special launch parties:

If you are in the Seattle area (or will be this Thursday night): You are cordially invited to my in-person launch party at the fantabulous, Mockingbird Books! I hope to see you there!!

And if you are not in the Seattle area (or even if you are but you just want to check this out too): You are cordially invited to my online Train Station Book Launch party on  my website. Just chug on over to
the party for a freight-load of train and picture book fun!

All aboard!