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Friday, June 14, 2013

In Honor of Father's Day: Dads and Reading

Father's Day read-aloud on the ferry! 
Just had to share this wonderful article about dads and reading. It really got me thinking and got my husband and I talking. Love the great ideas about how dads can have more fun reading with their kids! And Father's Day seems like a perfect time to get started.

So what is Dad's role in reading in your family?  Are some of the ideas from the article on your family's "to do" list?


  1. Here's to reading Dads everywhere!
    My husband's first act with our first-born was to read to him (still in the hospital) the book he himself was reading at the time, Crisis in American Education. DS, less than a day old, had his eyes wide open. His dad then said, "you are a good audience..."

    1. Oh my! That's so sweet! Love it!

      My husband is a singer so I remember the beautiful tunes he sang to our oldest in the hospital. And I remember him loving reading aloud JAMBERRY and other awesome picture books.

      Got to get back to more awesome Daddy read-alouds!